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MYGREAT VISA (Visa International Services Australia) PTY LTD  is an Australian immigration consultancy business/agency based in South Australia and facilitates Australian visa services worldwide for people who intend to study, work, live or visit to Australia. It also extends its services to those who are already in Australia.

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With unparalleled experience and friendly service, you can never go wrong with a company that treats clients as family.

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MyGreat Visa values inclusiveness in the conduct of its migration services and this has always been its core principle.

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Excellent Track Record

With legislation and areas in Australian migration continually changing, MyGreat Visa is an agency you can trust in keeping up with the latest immigration changes and updates. With its solid experience in the field of law, both overseas and in Australia, we have a better understanding of interpreting the legal requirements in your favour, which will strengthen your visa application.

Stress-Free Visa Application

We understand that applying for a visa and moving to another country can be a stressful and difficult at times, so we passionately commit to our clients’ migration needs and make sure your visa journey is a stress-free experience. We acknowledge that your visa is important to you and your future, so we take your application professionally and seriously as you do. We help you navigate the complex world of visa applications and make sure it as interesting and happy experience as it should be.

Unparalleled Customer Service

MyGreat Visa’s approach in visa application is that we take you, our clients, as members of our family and so we put ourselves into your situation and find the best visa option and outcome. Whether you are an individual who wants to visit, study, work, live or join a family in Australia, or a company, investor or a small business, we can make the immigration process as simple as possible while providing you expert and professional immigration advice.

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Our Client's Testimonials

Gil Costes is the best migration agent! He knows what he’s doing. He has the passion in doing his job and helping others. I can’t thank him for all the help he did for us. Yes, I am finally a permanent resident of this country I call home.
Janelle & Daniel
Partner Visa
I’m not sure if this could have happened without the help of Gil Costes of MyGreat Visa. He is not only a great migration agent but also a good friend. Without his leadership and help, we don’t think we could have navigated our way through all the paperwork, rules and regulations.
Kevin & Ricky
Partner Visa
The reason why we chose Gil is that he is very professional and he knows what he is doing. He treats you as his family which we appreciated so much. He makes sure that every single document is in order. He reviews and checks everything which made us confident that we are doing the right thing.
Ria & Jim
Partner Visa
The support we got from Gil was way too generous- from emails, phone calls & sms anytime of the day, we get response from him. Thanks again, we're still up in the air as we can't believe that he was able to turn around a previously (not to mention very recent) unsuccessful application!
Visitor Visa
All I can say is Gil does his job really well. You appreciate his passion and willingness to make sure you get what you signed up for. He is patient, very knowledgeable, guides you all throughout, and updates you from time to time to lessen your worries. Moreover, he gets the job done for you!
JD & Monica
Visitor Visa
Gil was really helpful in the preparation and lodging our visa application. He knew how to handle our case and gave us a lot of options on what visa would be the best for us.
Jomar & Mercy
Prospective Marriage Visa
We initially thought of doing the whole visa process on our own, but it got easier when we acquired Gil's professional services. He was very optimistic and encouraging when we faced a road block and also was very patient and an absolute professional with our dealings even with challenges in getting our requirements.
Redillas Family
Skilled Regional Visa
Highly recommended immigration agent, Kuya Gil- you’re a legend!
Mark & Joanne
Partner Visa
I almost given up/lost hope with all the trials that came our way with my Permanent Visa Application for Australia. But, from day one until the grant of my visa, Gil Costes was there for us and never left our side.
Employer Nomination Visa – Permanent Residency
Thank you for your supportive words when times were tough for us. Thank you for your professionalism and patience with us throughout this long process.
De Vera Family
Skilled Regional Visa
Gil is highly efficient and professional with what he's doing. He makes sure that I understood the process. It's such a good feeling to have Gil taking care of my case
Shane Huang
Resident Return
We thought it was impossible to bring my niece into the country to study secondary school because she is not our child. Gil made it stress-free for us. He became our family friend and because we don’t drive, he comes to our house and sometimes he picks me up from the train station so he can show me how paper works are done in his office. HE IS VERY, VERY HELPFUL!
Ronalyn & Daisy
Student Visa
Gil is very organized, patient and professional from start to finish. It was not an easy undertaking, but Gil guided us through. He is not only our agent but he treated us as his family. If not for Gil’s expertise, this beautiful news would not have happened.
Tess & Marissa
Partner Visa
I knew right off that I could leave it in his capable hands because his knowledge and expertise inspired confidence. It freed me much precious time to focus on the many other aspects of the production. He relentlessly chased down all the required documentations for certification and final submission to the Australian Immigration Department, ensuring smooth and speedy processing and eventual approval of the visa.
Pearlly Chua
Temporary Activity Visa
Gil was incredibly supportive and knowledgeable throughout my visa process. He was willing to answer questions at any time (even off hours!) and was clear in stating what was needed and when in regards to application requirements. His help definitely made the process a lot easier, and the results show!
Marion Ely Cruz
Graduate Visa
Bringing my family together is my ultimate dream. Thank you sir Gil Costes for making this dream come true. You treated us not as a client, but a family, with your warm and sincere assistance.
De Leon Family
Skilled Visa
I was losing hope with my past agent and gladly, a family friend recommended Gil to me, and yes, it was a great decision having him and his agency representing me with my migration to Australia. Gil is very knowledgeable in his field - he is very transparent and he will be honest with you especially on what visa suits you and which is possible or not. No false hopes.
Skilled Regional Visa
Gil Costes had exerted a lot of efforts to make this happen in the fastest and convenient processing. He is not just our migration agent, but he treated us like his friends and family – a very genuine person.
Von Eric & Jo
Employer Nomination Visa – Permanent Residency
Gil helped me get thru my Australian permanent residency visa in just about a couple of months. It was easy, stress-free and most convenient visa application experience for me.
Acla Family
Employer Nomination Visa – Permanent Residency
With 3 refusals (which we lodged on our own), I thought it would be impossible to get one the fourth time. I asked my partner John to talk to Gil and ask about applying for another visa, and then after consultation with him, we decided to apply for the fourth time. Gil gave very good and professional advice and he knew exactly what were needed to apply for a visa, with very high standard.
John & Juan
Visitor Visa
During this difficult time, it is always reassuring you have someone on your side. I’m very thankful for MyGreat Visa for guiding me through my Australian visa journey. With Kuya Gil, I was able to achieve a positive outcome that could have been a difficult visa situation for me
Skilled Regional Subsequent Entry Visa